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Bavet Market Plaza


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Bavet Market - How to go: 40 km (45mn) From Provincial Town.
- Location:
- Description: Operation of Sporting Facilities, Location: Ta Boeb Village, Bavet Commune, Chan Trea District.
Svay Rieng in Cambodia: Prey Ba Sak, Brasoth centre, Bavet Market, travel to Cambodia
Located in Svay Rieng District at the Southeast of the provincial town in the distance of 8.5 kilometres from the provincial town. The area of Prey Ba Sak has 84 square meters and borders river of Vag Ko at the North and the East, village of local people at the west and the South. The resort of Prey Ba Sak can provide income to the state and attracts local visitors to spend their visit and pleasure there. So, the resort is trending to develop for local visitors in Svay Rieng province due to their tradition, and for international tourists due to the real Cambodian culture and civilization. Prey Ba Sak located on the hill, the former place of ancient temple, which was completely damaged by war.

Nowadays, in order to change this place to be the attractive site for local and international tourists, the provincial tourist office should initially rearrange the place and statues for local visitors for worshiping during festival days or their travel. Prey Ba Sak is the place, which has the most complex forest among others in Svay Rieng province.
Classification: Operation of Sporting Facilities
Location: Prasout Commune, Svay Teab District Accessibility: 1.5 km (10mn) From Provincial Town BAVET MARKET
Classification: Operation of Sporting Facilities
Location: Ta Boeb Village, Bavet Commune, Chan Trea District Accessibility: 40 km (45mn) From Provincial Town



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